Vray 2 meshes loosing materials on Vray 3

Is there anyone else experiencing this?
I created a huge library of my skatters while on vray 2 for sketchup. Basic workflow;

  1. Pick a 3D tree from my library
  2. Set all materials and textures to a custom folder
  3. Export the vrmesh file to a custom folder
  4. Replace the mesh file with a .png for preview
  5. Load skatter and save the objects as new library content

While on vray 2, everything works flawless but on porting to vray 3, I can’t get the textures to load. The bundled grasses and trees meanwhile render perfectly across the vrays even when loaded as proxies.
Any help? Thomas? Maybe you could give us your workflow when creating proxies that work across vray 2 and 3?

Vray 2
Vray 3

My understanding is that this bug will be fixed in the upcoming Service Pack for Vray 3.

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