if I try to import a file made with transmut in a skp the render never starts. And if I try to open a file that is made with transmut and I try to open vray, everything closes. I have hundreds of files made with transmut one by one, it would be hell that they cannot be used in this version of vray 5. Thank you.


Thanks for the report.
I’m able to reproduce the issue, I will look into it.

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I have been struggling with this very issue all day long! I’m facepalming hardcore for not checking the forum sooner. I’m trying out the 7 day trial and hoping it’s able to be fixed
to get to use it in time to decide if I want to purchase it. Seems like the answer to all my rendering prayers!

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The issue has been identified by Chaos Group, it’s a bug in the way Transmutr exports V-Ray data.
We will fix it in Transmutr, and the next V-Ray version should contain a safeguard to avoid crashing with existing models.


Same with me.

I just released Transmutr v1.2.4 that fixes the issue: [Release] 1.2.4

Chaos Group will also implement a fix in V-Ray itself, so it will stop crashing with existing files (so that you don’t have to re-export all of your files with Transmutr v1.2.4).


When do you anticipate the fix for this to become available in Transmutr? With such a short trial period, I haven’t gotten a chance to try it out to decide whether I’d like to purchase it or not. If it works as I’m hoping, it will definitely be exactly what I need as an alternative to pricy computer upgrades to speed my workflow up. Thank you for your hard work on this! I’m excited to see if it will work for me!

It looks like we posted almost at the same time ^^ See my post above :slight_smile:

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Haha!! That’s great! Thank you so much! I’ll be busy today exploring all this has to offer!! Genius creation!

The fix in V-Ray has been implemented in V-Ray 5 Beta 4, so you shouldn’t crash with old files anymore.

Using transmutr 1.2.5 and sketchup 2021 with skatter 2.0.

I cannot select more that a few surfaces with skatter.

I get a bug splat everytime ?

any idea of what is going on?

Does this happen also in a brand new SketchUp file?
If not, could you send me the problematic file?