Vray Cloud Rendering

Hi all,
I’ve rendered a vrscene via Vray’s Cloud rendering but none of my Skattered objects appear in the rendering.
I’m guessing this has something to do with Proxies?

Is there a way to either ‘un-proxy’ the skattered objects, converting them into solid components in the scene.


Include the Skatter information as part of the vrscene file export?

Many Thanks.

It works fine for me. Maybe there’s an issue with your setup? Like paths to dependencies (vrmesh or bitmaps files)
Does it work with the grass from the Skatter library?

In any case, as this is handled by V-Ray, you should contact Chaos Group directly.

You can also disable “Render Only” in your Skatter setup, then regenerate. But be aware that it will generate everything in the model, which could crash SketchUp.

Yes, thanks I forgot to come back.
I hit the ‘render only’ option as you say and it worked :smiley: