Vray Proxy Generation: Materials: Texture Helper toggle

Morning -

When Transmuting files into Vray proxies, I was wondering whether it would be possible to incorporate a toggle for binding the materials in Vray to a Texture Helper.

Carrying bitmaps inside of SKP makes the file itself too heavy and using the Texture Helper has become standard practice for us to call up bitmaps (similar to proxies) at the point of render.

Currently after Transmuting, I am manually going through all of the materials and converting them, which is fine (I’m still tickled that Transmutr exists at all). I’m not even sure that a material by material toggle would be the right solution, because it’s generally an all or nothing proposition. A global toggle on the geometry tab (right below Export as Vray Proxy) - ‘Use Texture Helpers for Vray Materials’ would be amazing.


Continuing to appreciate the development on Transmutr and Skatter.
Many thanks -

I quickly tested the feasibility of it, and it doesn’t seem to work.
Transmutr creates V-Ray 3.6 materials (because we want to support back to that version). When you open a transmuted file with V-Ray 4, the material data is updated by V-Ray.
For some reason, when I enable the Texture Mode in the material, V-Ray disables it when updating the material to V-Ray 4.

So it looks like it’s not possible, sorry.

Thomas - really appreciate you following up so quickly. Let me get in touch with ChaosGroup and see if there’s anything that can be done on that end - I would imagine that this is a feature that they would want to address as a bug in their development.

Will keep you abreast of my progress and if there’s a modification that can be made on the vray end, perhaps this feature could be implemented downstream.

Take care - sean.

If you want to test yourself, open
"C:\Program Files\Transmutr\resources\app.asar.unpacked\_webpack\vray_templates\MtlASGVIS.json"

And change those values from 0 to 1:

(You will need to do it each time you install a new version of Transmutr)