Vray Proxy of FBX File - Materials not loading



Have downloaded some sample FBX pine tree models from Maxtree:

The files are pretty complex and given they are trees I would like them to be a vray proxy. The trees look great within Transmutr, all the materials are found and applied correctly.

When I import the proxy into sketchup through vray the trees arrive with no materials attached (bright colours). I know a work around when this happens with proxies made within vray (saving the multimaterial seperately from the source file) but as Transmutr is creating the proxy I can’t think of a way of applying the materials to the proxy.

I’ve got a load of photos of the process but hopefully this should be straight forward enough to understand.

What am I doing wrong, how do I ensure the materials are correctly applied in the proxy?




You should not load the *.vrmesh through V-Ray.
Instead, import the *.skp file generated by Transmutr. It’s a proxy itself (linking to the *.vrmesh), with all the materials.


Yup, that fixes it. Not sure why of all the things I tried I didn’t do that.