vray proxy simplified mesh

Hi guys. I’m trying to convert a high poly tree into a vray-mesh. When I use the method of face skipping, everything works allright.

But i’d prefer the “simplified geometry” option to preview the vrayproxy in sketchup, since it really allows for a better representation. I understand that the mesh simplification slider should control that? I set that slider to like 99% and once I transmute the file and place the generated SKP into my sketchup model, I don’t see it in my render window.

The vray asset edior reports the vrmesh file as missing. But once I point to it, what I end up with is the simplified geometry instead of the high poly mesh? the vrmesh-file is 46mb though, just like the one from the face-skipped version I created for comparision (as shown in the background).

Here’s a screenshot to better understand my problem:

I’d appreciate your help on this and thanks so much already in advance!

EDIT2: sorry for all the edits. I think the problem isn’t related to the simplified geometry / face skipping method, but rather a vray issue? Here’s what I found so far: as long as the vray framebuffer is open, it correctly places the proxy, including the correct filepaths to the vrmesh / textures etc… If the vray FB isn’t open, it doesn’t set the correct file paths → thus also nothing shows up in the render. how is that possible?


Sorry for the delay, I missed your post.

What versions of Transmutr and V-Ray are you using?
Could you send me the file to [email protected]?


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