Vray Proxy without Materials


I ave been trying to trasmutr an fbx file into thea and vray oroxy.
Thea one works great whilst the vray proxy is imported without texture/materials but only with SU default materials.

Which texture map shall I use for reflection entry - specular ir gloss?
I am about to convert a grass object.

There are only these two maps related to the reflection.

Thank you in advance.

Are you importing the .vrmesh using V-Ray’s toolbar? If so, this is normal.
The vrmesh format cannot hold material information. The materials are stored in the .skp file that was generated by Transmutr alongside the .vrmesh file. You need to import that .skp file as a component in your SketchUp model.

You should probably use Specular.

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I do thank you very much fir both answers.

Indeed this should be the case.

As usual the Issue has been between the chair ande the screen.

My best regards.

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Everything work great
But, how to edit proxy material ?
When i try to edit material on SKP file the link was destroyed and can not use anymore

Hi @Qu_Dao
Could you give more details?
Are you trying to change materials directly in the exported skp file? What are the steps?