Vray rendering serious problem - SU Axis Suspected Conflict


I have notice a potential Skatter-Vray rendering problem. I am not able to present an exact steps to describe the source of the issue.
In general I cannot get a complete model rendered by Vray. While rendering I have got only some groups with skattered object visible.
Finally I have discovered that the culprit is very probably Skatter.
I had a model created with an Axis Setting (1) with some Skatter groups.
Then I have changing the Axis - reset (2). All works well till the moment I have added an additional group to an existing Skatter Setting, and changed some object density.
After this very precise change Vray renders only some Skatter groups. Not all of them.
The main model content has gone.

I have experienced the same issue with several different models with different Axis setting.
Alas I cannot furnish you with the model. It is huge (about 1 GB).

Thank you in advance for any solution and verification.


you can send us the model via WeTransfer if you can indeed share it with us. besides that - recording the process showing the error would be a big help… use JING and give as the link for the video. also, open then ruby console before you do all that and copy paste the content and send that too…

I thank you for your prompt response.
Alas after a whole night on the model I have to take a nap.
I can just mention right now that by chance I have found I bunch of locked component at the origin axis (0,0,0). No idea where they came from there.
The main model is far away from that point.

I have erased them all and started a render…
I will notify you about the results.

Best night regards.

What is the email address I can send you a model via WeTransfer, please?

Here is a model and its render. There is no error message at all - just this fancy render result.

Here is a Ruby Console content:

==== V-Ray for SketchUp =====
Done processing compdefs - Elapsed time: 219.045

Scene processed in 230.367 seconds
It took 11.979 seconds to create our xml file

Scene fully processed in 404.232 seconds

ERROR: skpHelperClasses.rb:updateSkpMaterial, unable to find a material called: Color_C20_grass_grass_0050_01
ERROR: skpHelperClasses.rb:updateSkpMaterial, unable to find a material called: Sketchup_DefaultFront_Sketchup_DefaultBack

And the result:

I will send you the model as soon as I have an email.
Many thanks in advance.

Any news?
No news…

Hi George,

Sorry I’m currently abroad, my access to internet is quite sparse…
This definitely looks like a Vray issue, as this happens in Vray at render time. Skatter itself seems to be working fine.
You should contact Chaos Group and try to send them your model (even though I know it’s quite big)

Thank you. Have a good time abroad and very smooth return.