Vray - skattered tree looking very strange...


I’m trying a demo of vray in combination with skatter for the first time.

When i choose a component as a object, it somehow blows up - as seen in the linked image.
I haved use the same component with out any problems with enscape and skatter.

I have tried to explode and recreate the tree again, but get the same result.

Does anyone know what is going on?



Is that leaf or branch textures origin/axis at the correct location? So is the at 0,0,0 for X,Y,Z

I think I have seen this issue in V-Ray in the past, but I thought it had been fixed. What version of V-Ray are you using?
In any case, this is a V-Ray issue, so you should probably post in the Chaos Group forums.

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thanks @Thomas @rombout

i’m using the latest demo.

i will visit the vray forums when i have time.