Vrmat not being applied to correct object in proxy

After I create the proxy the leaf material is applied to the flowers.

In the first image the flower appears applied to the flowers with the vrmat being detected.

Once the proxy is created the leaf material is applied to the flowers

I went in after the fact and relocated the flower material but I don’t know how to save that to the Sketchup file created by Transmutr.

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Could you send me the source files to [email protected]?

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I just had the same issue happen to me as well. The Multi material seems to not be applied to the group of the reduced geometry model. I will send file along.

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It’s an issue in the 3ds max file. If you go in and make sure that all material names are unique everything comes through correctly.

This was not a Max file but an FBX direct from the model seller. If we had access to Max, wouldnt we just all make a VRSCENE file and be done with it?

That would be easier but I want the billboard cross and Transmutr does it for me instead of going in and fitting it myself. I don’t know of any other way.

Matthew, thanks for the files. But can you send me the source FBX as well?

Aaron’s issue was due to two materials having the same name in the source file. Maybe it’s the same issue for you.

Unfortunately, I went away on vacation and while I was away, they upgraded my machine to win10. So I am still trying to find everything that was wiped. I don’t remember which file I used for this. I did just give it a try on a couple of FBX files and it seems to be working fine - maybe it was an isolated issue or fixed by the new hotfix1 that was put out by Chaos?