Warning 3D Bazaar: Local

I’m getting this warning in 3D Bazaar: Local:

set location > search contents in current path > search local contents > LuceneException[5]: C:/Users/Z590-E/AppData/Roaming/3DBazaar/index\1.0.0-beta7_20s.prx

Should I uninstall and reinstall? I don’t want to lose settings if any.

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Added a new folder and started getting Bugsplats with 3D Bazzar.

Uninstalled Skatter 2 and 3D Bazaar. Reinstalled both again and still getting Bugsplats with 3D Bazzar now.

Am I missing a directory I need to manually delete.

Just tried it in Sketchup 2021 which I haven’t touched for a while and I’m also getting a Bugsplat with 3D Bazaar.

Update: Uninstalled again and manually installed Skatter 2 without the 3D Bazaar rbz and then installed 3D Bazaar from Extension Warehouse. Bugsplats stopped but getting the same error message in the Local folder. Marketplace works fine.

Update 2: Bugged out in SU 2022 and 2021 when downloading Skatter free grass.

Fixed it by deleting “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\3DBazaar” which I thought I tried that already. Reinstalled 3D Bazaar and it gave me a bugsplat which I suspect is :bug: Vray 5 but when I restarted SU it was back to normal.