Water Lily Flower Texture - Thea and 3DBazaar

I’ve been trying out version 2.0 and when I tested the Skatter Water Lilies and started a render in Thea the flowers rendered as black. I picked the material from a non-proxy generation in Thea and the material showed no diffuse bitmap loaded. Tested it in version 1 and the diffuse material loads.

I was able to work around this be applying the diffuse bitmap in Thea materials on the skp file of the flower and saving it in the respective downloads folder. After that it generates normally.

Not sure if this is a Thea issues, Sketchup or 3DBazaar. Someone may want to try installing the water lilies pack and see if this happens to them with Thea render in Sketchup. Otherwise this simple workaround works.

I can reproduce the issue, thanks for pointing it out.
I will fix it as soon as possible.