What is Workflow for Using the Meadow Pack?

I recently bought Skatter and also downloaded the free Meadow Pack from Ronen Bekerman’s site. I’m still struggling with some concepts.

I think I understand the concept of a Skatter library as demo’d in the tutorials. But what does one do with the Meadow Pack? I was hoping I could somehow add the assets in the Meadow Pack to my Skatter library and somehow re-use them, but this is not obvious.

I see there is a file called “Meadow scene.skp” in the .zip along with a lot of textures and some proxy files. When I opened Meadow scene.skp, I thought I might see a scene with everything already scattered and ready to render (Thea Render). Instead, it seems to be just a blank terrain and several grass clumps and flowers presumably to use as scatter objects. Is it that the Meadow Pack is really just a convenient beginner’s framework to experiment with and build your own scene?

You are right, it is a template for you to learn how to use Skatter.

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