What todo when units are changed

When I was testing skater yesterday agin I switched units half way through. Than when I edited a group again something went wrong. I could not understand what was going to on at first, later realized it was due to the unit change. But still when I put it back to original units and open/closed the file it like looked like it did alter the units in skater.

What’s is the best workflow for this? I better not Chang units halfway through I believe.

A other thing I notice is that after 20sec a warning pops up, asking if you want to proceed. It sometimes did work other time it resulted in me needing to restart Su. Is it a idea to add a second popup here after like say a minute or two?

Another possible reason for this is the absolute scale of the component being skattered. For example, if you have a 10’ tall box, scale it down 50% (so its 5’ tall) and then skatter, skatter only recognizes the absolute scale of the box, so your result will be 10’ tall.

The solution is to scale the definition of the component (right click context menu), and then regen the skatter (note: some may think you could scale match by increasing the scale multiplier in the scattered objects windows, however, that causes all sorts of origin issues when it comes to placing the object and randomly transforming the size - had to learn this the hard way)

Skatter will not change the values if you change the model units.
For instance, if you go from meters to inches, a “1” in Skatter will change from 1m to 1inch, there’s no conversion.

As for the warning popup, you can change the delay before it appears, in the “Miscellaneous” rollout (And its default value in the options tab)

Okay thanks, I had some issues cause I went from mm to cm. it caused the grass to crash su. I just need to remind myself not to switch then

I’ll see if I can add a utility to convert units.