What's wrong

I bought skatter today and I’m probably doing something wrong.
All I did was to make a simple group, opened the library, selected medium grass 1 large and added it to the group.
The result was very poor and a lot like the picture below.
Then I played with the scale and got the result below.

So how do you make just normal grass for architectural purpose.


model and settings

by the way:

I’m not a hater or something like that, but this site is sh*t. I can not edit my post anymore.
It’s like i’m logged out, but i’m not. Even logging in again isn’t working.
And the most irritating thing is the fullscreen advertisement after anything you click on this site.
I ALREADY BOUGHT IT, dont harass me.

Now I can edit this post, but not my original one…
Images still dont work! (google drive or imgur)


I agree about the forums, they are not great and we are looking into a better solution (maybe Discourse).
Sorry about the fullscreen add, it’s not supposed to show everywhere, we’ll fix that.

Now, regarding your issue. Make sure that the ground face is pointing up. That the “front” side of the face is pointing up. You may need to reverse it. It looks like the grass is scattered on the bottom.
Then edit your Skatter setup and click regenerate.

Thx for the help!

The plains were indeed upside down.
You can see the result here:

The render still needs some work. I’m not completely happy with the vegetation other then the grass, because that looks perfect :slight_smile: