When i click host add icon and select group, nothings appear.

My skattet version is 1.4.12
sketchup is 2019 and vray next 4.0
Window type
I cant pick host and objects
I mean that i created a surface and made it group then i click on host add icon and select this group.
Normally skatter preview with oneline diagram??
It does not even appear. What is tha bug or my pc requirements or something?

Did it work in the past?

Do you have a license or are you using the demo?

This is my first time bro. I am using demo.
I think i need at leat 8Gb ram. Right??? or something else?

Please go to Skatter’s Options tab, click on “Offline activation” and send me your request code.

I am ok now bro, that’ is my pc’s requirement.
It works on my desktop. Thanks for ur replies bro.