When will .tif's be enabled?

When will tiff be available? many of my imported models use Tiffs

Probably in the next release. I believe Merwan has started working on it.

But please note that even though they can be displayed in the preview, TIFF files will be handled correctly in the exported file.

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Thanks, and yes they do map correctly and work fine, problem is when the entire model is one UV baked texture it shows as blank in Transmutr window

Hi @Pete. We just implemented this feature today and it will be available in the next release (0.3.1).




Haha Pete, it’s not very clear but that’s not a thumb up, that’s a middle finger emoji :laughing:

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Oh, sorry, on a huge monitor, looked like a thumbs up.:smiley:

Yeah on my regular monitor it looks like a thumbs up as well. I just noticed when my cursor hovered the emoji and I saw :fu: