Where Is Documentation on Clipping Areas?

I am trying to work out how Clipping Areas work. Am I right in that the “manual” is quite out of date?. It seems only to refer to an older GUI where areas were designated include or exclude and the Clipping Areas panel didn’t exist. I am having trouble translating the old manual to the new GUI.

The last mention of clipping areas in the forum seems to be back in Oct '16, and those are either bug reports or feature requests.

I am able to get clipping objects to work, but not able to see how clipping areas work. And the tick box “Use surface boundaries as include area” is adding to the confusing behavior.

Just point me to some documentation, and I’ll take it from there. As far as I can tell, I’ve read everything in the manual already.


No, it’s up to date (mostly, i think ^^).

Sorry for the confusion, the word “clipping” was added to the UI after the Manual was written. I updated it so that the article is now titled “Clipping areas” : Clipping areas - Skatter v1 Help

If you want to use and “Include” area, disable “Use surface boundaries as include area”.
If you want to use an “Exclude” area, enable it (if there are no other “Include” area).

As the doc says:
When the “Use surface boundaries as include area” checkbox is ticked, the boundaries of the Surface will be treated as an “Include” Area (including for Falloffs and Boundary Check).

I agree that it is a bit complicated, we are simplifying the whole thing in v2.

Wow, thanks for the instant reply. It is all clear now, and I’ve got all options working!