Which components can I strengthen to make Skatter run faster?

I’m interested in knowing which components in my PC (between the RAM, CPU, and GPU) I can improve to allow SU and Skatter to run faster and smoother. Currently, when I try to Skatter large fields w/ proxies, it can lag pretty badly.

Current PC specs:
CPU—Intel Xeon @ 3.4Ghz
GPU—Nvidia Quadro K600

More RAM will allow to scatter more objects before SketchUp crashes. If this never happens to you, 32GB should be fine.
A faster CPU will make Skatter compute faster.

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This is what I was thinking. SU rarely crashes due to Skatter. Compute time is the biggest issue.

Does Skatter use multi-core CPU’s well? Or is this more dependent on SU?
Would a jump from 3.4 Ghz to something in 4 Ghz range make a notable difference?


Skatter v1 is single-threaded. So indeed a faster clock-speed will improve a little bit.
But note that v2 will be heavily multi-threaded and will take advantage of all available cores (on top of numerous optimizations)


Thank you for the information. Is V2 set to be released soon?

No we don’t have an ETA yet. Still a lot to do :slight_smile: