White grass? Different shades of green grass?


I’d like to enhance my stadium renders by having Skatter take care of the grass pitch. For this purpose I need white grass for the lines and different shades of green grass for a realistic look, like in this picture: https://pixnio.com/sport/football/football-pitch-corner-ball-flag-grass-sport

Is this possible at this moment? Can I make modification to the current library models myself to change the colours of the grass?


Hi Markus,

After you load a preset from the library, the objects are regular components. So you can duplicate the components (and make the copies unique), duplicate and edit the materials, etc.
Then you can use these modified copies in your Skatter setups.

Thanks Thomas! I’ll give it a try!

You can also do it in postproduction. Much easier perhaps

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Or as another alternative use V-ray fur (if you use that render engine) which takes the color from the underlying texture (ie. a green field with white lines). Or use different groups indeed like Thomas suggested.


Indeed if you’re using V-Ray, fur is probably the best solution for simple grass.