Why cant my Sketchup handle Skatter/3d Bazaar

I have the most updated Sketchup and I just cant figure out why when I download something from 3d Bazzaar it just causes my sketchup to go in Not responding Mode like crazy. I eventually got the downloaded item to skatter but its been hours now and I just cant get anything done. Ive used the cleanup plugin to try and bring down geometry spo that it dosent bog down the model so much but nothing seems to work

Do you need to display the assets in SketchUp, or do you only to render them with V-Ray or another rendering engine?
When you import assets from the 3D Bazaar, do you import as “High-poly” or “Proxy”?
Also do you use Skatter’s “Render-only” feature?

Well my company dosent use Vray so I render in Sketchup so that I can see it in Lumion. I do press High Poly but I was doing that because I saw the sketchup logo next to it. I go into the asset and explode in and try to use the clean up plugin to make it less bogged down.

Unfortunately there is no straightforward and efficient way to use Skatter with Lumion.
Lumion is a closed ecosystem with which Skatter is not able to interact.
We built optimizations like Proxy assets and “Render Only” in Skatter and 3D Bazaar for other rendering engines like V-Ray and Enscape, but it is technically impossible to do so with lumion.

I’m afraid I don’t have a solution to offer.