Why is skatter doing this? (Trees, not grass)


So, I’ve had good luck doing several models with skatter grass, but on this one, it’t strange. I created one block with lots of simple planes, and skatter covers most of the areas fine except for some areas where it leaves a space between planes, and others where it appears to skatter stretched trees?? There is only one host and one item on the render list.

What gives??


Was your terrain created using the Sandbox tool?
Try to explode the group and regroup again.

For some reason, I noticed that sometimes the surfaces generated by the Sandbox tool have very weird normals. I don’t know why, and I don’t think I can do anything about it from Skatter.
As the grass presets are configured to have the pointing direction halfway between the up axis and the surface normal, your components end up rotated sideways.
The workaround I found is to explode the group generated by Sandbox, then group the geometry again, and then start Skattering.

My terrain was created by importing a Google terrain exploding it and then adjusting it by adding triangles and planes around building. Then I regrouped everything and used the scatter tool

Can you send me the file to [email protected] ?

Hi Eric,

I finally was able to review your file, sorry for the delay, I was away from my computer.
The issue is that some faces of the ground surface are upside down :

Go to the menu View > Face Style > Monochrome to check to faces orientations and flip them.

Thanks for looking at this.

Good tip - I will re-examine. I have had surfaces receive grass on the wrong face, but I’ve never had it have a different form - almost looks like trees (see attached closeups


I flipped everything and regrouped, and it looks much better.
I’m not sure why there are still bare spots along plane edges.
Also, does skatter have the ability to cut along an edge sharply, as opposed to the random edge for instances where the grass stops right at an edge sharply?

You also need to use the “Border” presets from the library, along the “Large” presets.
But be aware that they will take longer to compute.

I see - thank you for your help.