Work with substance designer?

Has anyone tried compatibility with substance designer? Or would that not work at all?


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For now it is not possible to just import a material, you need an object to apply the material to. Apart from that, I think Substance materials should work fine. But I have not tested yet.

But we are planning on allowing users to import just a material (from Substance, Megascans, Poliigon, etc).


I would think the pre textured models from m poliigon would already work correctly as you can get them as obj’s? Also, I would think they would already be ported correctly for vray?

I didn’t realize Poliigon also makes 3D models. Yes, these should already work fine in Transmutr.

What will you try on substance designer regard?

Use a sbsar file into each material slot instead of textures?

That would be awesome!

We have not started working on this yet, but yes that should be doable.

And would you allow us to configure all parameters existing in a sbsar file? That would definetelly be great!

First we need access to the Substance SDK. Then we’ll see what’s doable :wink:

Ok ok, don’t get off track! It’s getting very interesting already!

Wait… what about transmutting materials only? With one go, you create materials for vray, enscape and thea. Maybe that could be a nice side product when you’re into substance

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