Wrap UV 3D Ivy: leaf angle?

I’m trying to build an Ivy bush of my own.
Started with Twilight Red Carpet Club leaves updated and a 3D shape to define the bush silhouette.
No matter how I orient the leaves, play with the pointing angle, rotate (negative values don’t seam to play a role!?!), I cannot avoid some leafs from pointing upward!
I would like them all to bend down 30° to 60°.
Feel silly: any ideas? Or it just isn’t possible so far?

It really depends on how the axes of your component are set.
This might help : https://help.getskatter.com/tutorials/creating-a-green-wall

Thanks, you’re so quick!
I’ve read the article, I’ll try again and come back…

Here is an example:

SketchUp file: ivy.skp (382.8 KB)

  • See how my leaf component’s axes are set up.
  • Random distribution with Wrap (UV) mode
  • Use “Pointing Direction” all the way to “Normal”.
  • Check “Swap object’s Y and Z axes”
  • Use random X rotation between -30 and 0 (or other values) to control how much the leaves will lean to the ground. You can also put some random Y and Z rotation for more diversity.

Thanks again!!!
Some days are in, some are out: today it looks as “in”!
I’ve tried again and managed this time: here are the settings.
Ivy daromark 1.sklib (2.4 KB)
Ivy daromark 11.skp (287.8 KB)

These files to be copied wherever each of us has chosen to save his custom libraries, such as:

I’ll try your settings too, there’s always something new to learn.
Feel less silly today!