XFROG scenery

Thearender for Sketch’up
Presto MC

Hmm … can’t see it.

Simpey, please reload the image.

Holy smoke! That’s amazing! Xfrog vegetation doesn’t come in skp format does it? You have to import form obj? Which takes forever!

Thanks !
I didn’t import the xfrog models into Sketch’up but Thearender. Then I made proxy i use in Sketch’up. Here’s is a wireframe view of the scene and there is 6 Skatter group set to “render only” …

Sorry, it appears that the upload to imgur is not at full resolution.
Here is a link to the HD version (could an admin edit my post ?) :

New try, for this image, I tried to reproduce the memory of my holidays as a child in the French countryside (Haute-Loire) …
Bike, boy, boulder and tractor from 3DWareHouse. Vegetation from Xfrog.

Really nice one!

That last image is really stunning!

FYI, for OmarC, I generally import xfrog models as .3ds files. Then use thomthom’s reverse faces, clean up and replace materials (for 2 sided leaves). Takes no time at all, though they are large skp files until you proxy them.