Zelt Haus Justus Dahinden 1955

This is my current WIP using the skatter plugin. I’m making the building for a friends competition on Facebook so please don’t share it yet until it’s complete. I used Vizpark real grass and Mantissa Spruce Trees. All were Maxwell proxies imported into the sketchup scene.

Pretty cool!

Very Nice! Love it, and love that it is a B&W image :wink: Love the balance of this view, though feels it needs more sky up top.

Thanks Ronen the bottom plinth and the gutter above the window are on the 2/3rds rule i will adjust it slightly. This is a WIP it’s getting closer. I want to skatter rocks and pine cones on the ground as well plus improve the trees.

I have made some progress, i’m still loving skatter ! I used the plugin for the trees, grass and pine cones.

full res: http://postimg.org/image/a8dwkv4pd/

Damn fine wip!

Amazing. This doesn’t look like a polished visualization, but like a real snapshot on a foggy morning.
Has a fascinating kind of realism to it…

Thanks for the comments guys. Skatter is excellent this image would have been impossible otherwise. This model i have donated to a rendering competition on Facebook it should be starting on Feb 1st, The group is called show share learn. Competitions are a great exercise to hone skills and compete with peers :wink:

I agree with everything that’s been said, really great image.
Do you mind if we showcase it on Facebook and the website?

No problem Thomas go ahead.

Simon Edwards

I let it render a bit more since this image if you like i can email you guys the later version.

Sure, that’d be nice :slight_smile:

your email ?

[email protected]

Question, why do a lot of posts have dead links to images? Took me a while to even enter this forum.

I just got skatter today and wanted to check out some gallery images.

Technical issue, Ronen is on it :wink:

Should be all ok now :wink:

Where did you get those trees?

Xfrog conifer collection. I made proxies to use with Maxwell.

Dear Chedda, may i ask you to talk more about import Maxwell proxies into SketchUp? As i know Vizpark and Mantissa models don’t ready for rendering with Maxwell immediately after downloading, am i right? Whitch way would be better for tuning materials for thouse models?