'Zones' no longer working properly

SketchUp version : 21.1.332 64-bit
Skatter version (Skatter dialog > Options > About) : 2.1.2
OS : Windows 10 64 bit
Description of the issue : Zones no longer working properly after most recent update
Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? (If yes, how?) : Yes it occurs across files and models
Error in Ruby Console? (Window > Ruby Console) :

Hello, me again. After the previous update the zones function has stopped working properly. This is with Skatter Bazaar assets and Chaos Cosmos assets alike. To get any results with zones I have to create an object group in the ‘Scattered Objects’ menu, but leave the group empty - if I put anything in the group it stops working. It will not work without a an empty object group present for whatever reason.

Hi @Mbladon
I am not able to reproduce that issue.
Could you send a simple file that gives you problem to [email protected] so that we can take a look?

Hi Merwan,

Here you go it’s just a surface and a Cosmos asset but on my end the issue is present



ZONE TEST.skp (387 KB)

Thanks for the file.
It seems to be working ok on my end. Do you see something different on your side?

The file when I open it

There’s a single object (no other objects, no empty groups) so no zone appears.

After adding a second objects

I also increased the density to make the zones more visible.

After adding an empty group

The empty group acts as an “empty object” so holes appear.

Hi Merwan,

My fault entirely – I didn’t realise it needed two objects to work. When I add a second it does work as intended, and as shown on your reply.

Apologies, shall I remove the post?

Ok, good to hear it’s not a bug!

Sorry for the confusion, we slightly changed the way zones work when we introduced the new object groups: before, there was an explicit “hole probability” slider to produce empty zones but it became redundant with empty groups so we removed it.

Please do not remove the post. It could be useful to other users having similar issues :slight_smile:

lol yes I was running into the same, looking where the ‘empty zones’ slider had gone… but found out I could use empty groups quite incidentally about two minutes later.

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