1.2.0-beta.1 - Blank Screen On Skp Import

Hi there!

Was just trying the new 1.2.0 beta this morning and was testing the new skp import feature. Couple issues so far.

Issue #1
Some more complex files (like a kitchen scene) cause a black screen on import. Only option is to close and restart the program. I can send you an example file if needed.

Issue #2
Most of the older skp files I’ve tried don’t seem to import with materials. I get the following error message.

“Cannot load material undefined. A dummy material has been created instead.”

Can you send example files for each issue to [email protected] ?

No problem, will do.

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I’m getting the same thing - no response with a sketchup file import - correction The files are coming in, but they lack materials

I managed to capture the error when the file fails to load outright (this was a 90mb file)

I’m working on fixing that.

Can you send the file to [email protected] ?

The crash on skp import and the lack of materials have been fixed in Beta 2: [BETA] 1.2.0-beta.2