Enscape Material Glitch Megascans

  • Hi All,

I have seen a few examples of people using the Transmutr app with Quixel Bridge export to a Enscape Proxy file.

I tried it out this evening and when I open the Transmutr exports, the material can be seen in Sketchup but as soon as I open Enscape its blank. once I open the Sketchup file and open the Enscape Material Dialog, it says the Albedo and Bump are invalid, so I relink the files and then the material is out of of scale and appears glitchy… Has any one had this before?

I have attached some screengrabs for reference.

This has indeed been reported before by Matthew:

I have not been able to reproduce the issue myself, but according to this post, it is a bug in Enscape. A workaround seems to be to check the “explicit transformation” checkbox.

Report this to Enscape of you are still seeing it in 2.7.1 so they know its not fixed.

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