Enscape Materials Issues Persist

This was a test using the latest update on Megascans, which worked great. This issue that still persists for me is Enscape Materials. I see this more than I would I like to.

What’s the name of this particular Megascans asset?
I’d like to test with the same one.

It was this one https://quixel.com/megascans/home?assetId=uehjcafia
But I have seen this issue on Transmutr files that were not Megascans as well. I think It’s an Enscape issue and they have told me to untick explicit transformation in the materials setting. I wonder if Transmutr can do this before exporting?

I’m not able to reproduce the issue with this asset. But now I seem to recall it was the same last time you reported this issue to us.
Have you tried Enscape 2.7.1? Last time they said they would fix the issue in that version.

Transmutr already sets this to false. Are you seeing the checkbox ticked by default?