Export to Octane Studio

skatter 1 had a great feature where you could export the scatter as a csv to Octane Studio.

I’ve just upgraded to v 2. rebuilt all my herringbone floors and can’t see this functionality!

Am I missing something or has this been omitted from V2.

Its a deal-breaker for us as we keep all our SU models light and only import textures and scatter in Octane studio.

Su bloat the files if you add in the texture to the native file.


Hi @AlMck

The Octane export has not been kept in Skatter 2 but it’s true that a few users requested it.

That feature is already on our TODO list but since you asked, we’ll see if we can do this sooner (possibly for the next update).

That would be amazing thank you!

Otherwise love the improvements in V2 can’t wait to get stuck in properly with the next update.

Clean interface. Great new features. Great work. 3dmax wot that…

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I guess what probably you are looking for is to bake the Octane material (as Octane material definition are proprietary to Otoy) and then export the baked texture with the Obj. OCS / ORBX are only readable by Octane and will not work with Marvelous designer.

Why don’t you save your Octane Material with the Daz Save As Material option (It save the Daz Material and the underlying Octane Material) ? And then when you re-import the sequence from Marvelous Designer, apply the Material again ? Not sure if this will help.

The Octane export has been released in the latest version of Skatter.

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