How to move or hide the base model that skatter use

What happened is this time my model is close to the axis 0.0.0 where skatter create a copy of the component you skatter and now I have a blob of trees and bushes that cover some of the view I need. Is there a way to change that location or hide them?

I cannot select them and put them on a layer so I cannot hide them that way

I cannot move the model since this file is linked to 2 other model files that are imported in this one


Do you use the “Unhide all” shortcut from the Edit menu?

I mentioned this problem in December… Vray - sketchup 2021
After a few updates the Skatter V2 is even worse…
When using render only mode skatter always make a copy of the component which apear close to the 0.0.0 axis point.
Since I bought Skatter V2 (November) I didn’t even start using it in my projects because Skatter just doesn’t work.
When I have problems with Skatter V2 I just went back to Skatter V1 for a while but after updating vray 5 to newer versions, problems with skatter 1 also started…

very frustrating

Windows 10 Pro
SketchUp 20.2.172
V-ray 5.20.05
Skatter 2.1.5

Does it happen with any kind of object, or only proxies?

Only proxies.

Are those proxies pointing to .vrmesh or .vrscene files?


Could you send your files (the .skp and the .vrscene) to [email protected]?


I just sent the files you requested.


I have also reported this before, and it still happens sometimes.
In my case, those objects are locked, therefore I can manually unlock them and put them in a separate layer, that I hide afterwards.
Of course if it’s working ok (for me), I guess it is not the way it should be :wink:

@Thomas any progress?

I’m working on it right now!
Thanks a lot for the file, it helped me reproduce the issue. Now I’m trying to understand why it happens :slight_smile:

Unfortunately @Eqc solution didn’t work for me.

Can you try replacing the attached files? (34.6 KB)


Now render only mode works when I import .vrscene :ok_hand:
But 3D Bazaar stopped working completely, I try to export composition with composition manager then I try import and when I press render in vray Error [V-Ray] Exception in CORE: Internal error. Please save and restart as soon as possible! appears :confused:

That is what I did, i needed a quick solution so I tried that and it works. I was afraid to unlock them because in the past using models coming from different programs most of the time I was getting problems unlocking them but they were all models from vray and it was all good