Import .Max file with vray settings directly.

As we known, 3DMax is a top modelling tool around the world, and most delicate model is produced by it with the Vray.

I try the early beta of Transmutr, it’s still a little complicated converting max+vray to skp+encape.

So, is there any plan to support the .max file directly? If not, is there a best way to export FBX or OBJ from Max+vray which is more suitable with Transmutr.

Last, thanks for the excellent job!

The .max file format is closed and proprietary. It is not possible to read it outside of 3dsmax.
At some point we would like to create a 3dsmax plugin version Transmutr, so that it can directly read the data from within 3dsmax. But this is probably far in the future.

For now the best is to convert the V-Ray materials to Standard materials, then export as FBX.
I have not tested yet, but it looks like there are many material converters for that :

The other option for 3DS max is to use the SimLab plugin which yields great results:

Thanks for your recommendation, I have tried this plugin, and it’s a good way from 3DS max to Sketchup with fluent transition of mesh.

However, the Vray materials in 3DS max aren’t brought perfectly, maybe the SimLab plugin just supports the standard material mapping from 3DS max to Su.

I’m looking for a tool or plugin which could bring Vray materials from 3DS max to Su, and it will be great for rendering with any Su-supported rendering tools, such as Enscape.

Anyway, thanks again, and glad to hear your further advise.

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We may have found a way to do it in Transmutr. More on that later.

In the meantime, please note that it’s possible to bring V-Ray 3dsmax material to V-Ray SketchUp materials, using the “VRMat” material type in Transmutr.

Happy to hear this! Have it been supported by version 0.2.0? Can’t wait to try.

Yes this is already possible. Please see the Material Type section of the Manual.

@Thomas I have tried the vrmat from 3DS max convert tool, and then Transmut it. However, it loses some textures when imported into Sketchup with Enscape, I wonder whether I do that with a good way. Could you help to double check that with my testing file?

And I expect to get the similar rendering result as 3DS max+Vray from Sketchup+Enscape. Or at least, the texture mapping is correct.

Thanks for your consulting firstly ^^

Maybe I need to make it more clear in the documentation: the VRMat material type is for V-Ray only.
It is used to convert V-Ray materials from 3dsmax (or other platforms) to V-Ray for SketchUp.
The VRMats will not be converted to other render engines like Thea and Enscape. This is just not possible, due to the complexity of the VRMat format, that can have endless different combinations.

The best way to export an fbx or obj from max is to have your max model with standad materials, otherwise the max exporters won’t recognize the materials. You can find some free converters that can convert vray, corona and other materials into standard and then export your fbx or obj from max with materials and maps. After that, you can send it to transmutr.

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Got it. Thanks for the comment. And in order to avoid unnecessary content in the final file with huge file size, I suggest that the Transmutr could choose the target rendering tool and not just one file with all supported parameters.

Thanks. I have tried this with standard materials.

The file size impact is virtually zero.

In the next version, Transmutr will be able to read basic properties of V-Ray and Corona materials in FBX files exported from 3dsmax.


Very exciting to hear about this!

Could I know what properties will be supported by next version? Or all properties of the standard VRayMtl.

I wrote about it here : Textures not coming in with FBX >> Convert VRayMtl to Standard in 3dsmax

Hey there! Any news about that plug-in for 3dsmax? It would be great!

No news for now, sorry.