Major issue with V-Ray Next Update 2.2 (4.20.03)

V-Ray Next Update 2.2 (4.20.03) released on August 5th introduced a major conflict with the Skatter Library.
When this version of V-Ray is installed, you will not be able to load proxies from the Skatter Library.

We have reported the issue to Chaos Group and are waiting for a fix.

In the meantime, you should avoid installing V-Ray 4.20.03, or roll-back to the previous version (“Update 2.1”, 4.20.02).
You can download it here:
You will need to click on “Show all versions” to download older versions.

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Shared. Thanks for the update for those who use V-Ray.


Thanks I created workaround by downloading proxies converted with transmutr directly to file and then swapped their skatter definitions

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Hi Thomas is this bug still in there or is it fixed by now?

This bug only existed in V-Ray v4.20.03. It was fixed in V-Ray 5.