Neighborhood Wetlands (Skatter V1, Enscape 2.8 beta w/ RTX, PS)

Hi everyone,

Just finished up a new project that makes fairly heavy use of Skatter.

This was actually my first real project using Skatter and I’m super happy with it’s results. Final images were rendered with Enscape @ roughly 6k. Just purchased a Titan RTX and this scene still pushed it, my machine and software to it’s limits it seems! I think I heard my computer crying a little bit!! :rofl:

Used proxies for pretty much all the surface elements (houses, trees, plants, people, props, etc). Skatter was especially helpful in placing the houses. Used the pick points host option to quickly place the houses on a 2d version of the site plan, in random order in each lot. Generated them “In model” to make them separate proxy components again, rotated each in the correct direction, then used DropGC to drop them down onto the terrain model.

Here’s a few “behind the scenes” pics.



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I love seeing large models. Well done.

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Love seeing such large scale implementation!

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Thanks Ronen! I especially appreciate hearing that from you as I’m certainly a fan of your work, along with your blog and everything you do for the archviz world. Very best regards!

Wow that’s pretty large indeed. I believe that Sketchup will die before Enscape or Scatter, when working on large files it always seems to fight with too many objects.
When you said that you proxy the Houses, do you meant you did a Enscape proxy? or you let Scatter copy the houses?
interesting workflow to know.