Skatter vs Purge (by TIG) script

Not really a bug, not really a feature request…

I’m a big fan of TIG’s Purge script that allows to get rid of unused material/component/tags in the skp file, freeing a lot of ressources when needed.

Now, the only downside to that is that Purge actually deletes the tags that I created for Skatter compositions, because I suppose that these tags are geometry-empty, even though Skatter uses them to “output” its scattered objects at rendertime.

Any idea how to solve this issue? Of course I could use “In Model” output instead of “Render only”, but it’s not always a viable solution.

EDIT: yes, now that I think about this, I could draw a simple line and affect it to the tag that I want to keep but that’s the bruteforce solution (not really elegant) :smiley:

This is already on our todo list: Purge Unused in Sketchup Deletes Assigned Layers

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