Vray 5 Beta - Skatter Compatibility

Hi friends, I know it’s a bit soon, and that Vray 5 beta has just been released. But approximately when will skatter be optimized so we can get the most potential out of vray?



Things have changed a lot with V-Ray 5.
They are now exposing a Ruby API for us to hook into: before V-Ray 5, it was Chaos Group doing the work to support Skatter. Now, it’s our responsibility to support V-Ray 5.

This implies big changes, and we are in touch with Chaos Group to get it going, but it takes time :slight_smile:


Have we told you that we love you?..


What does this mean to us as users? What can we expect?

Will Skatter 1 f.E. work with V-Ray 5? Or should we stick to V-Ray Next and Skatter 1?

In my personal opinion, i´m focusing mostly on the newest versions of my software of choice,
to get used to new workflows, functions and possibilities.

Some advices from you side, which software versions we should use for a stable workflow
would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:


We are working on the integration with V-Ray 5.

Both Skatter v1 and v2 will work with V-Ray 5.

Skatter v1 should get an update in the next few days (hopefully!)

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