Vray 5 Beta - Skatter Compatibility

Hi friends, I know it’s a bit soon, and that Vray 5 beta has just been released. But approximately when will skatter be optimized so we can get the most potential out of vray?



Things have changed a lot with V-Ray 5.
They are now exposing a Ruby API for us to hook into: before V-Ray 5, it was Chaos Group doing the work to support Skatter. Now, it’s our responsibility to support V-Ray 5.

This implies big changes, and we are in touch with Chaos Group to get it going, but it takes time :slight_smile:


Have we told you that we love you?..


What does this mean to us as users? What can we expect?

Will Skatter 1 f.E. work with V-Ray 5? Or should we stick to V-Ray Next and Skatter 1?

In my personal opinion, i´m focusing mostly on the newest versions of my software of choice,
to get used to new workflows, functions and possibilities.

Some advices from you side, which software versions we should use for a stable workflow
would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:


We are working on the integration with V-Ray 5.

Both Skatter v1 and v2 will work with V-Ray 5.

Skatter v1 should get an update in the next few days (hopefully!)


Any news on Skatter for V-Ray 5 compatibility?

Any news on Skatter 2?

Thank you for your support

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It’s mostly ready, but we are waiting for something from Chaos Group. It should be ready before the final V-Ray 5 release.

As for Skatter 2, we’re still working on it!

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Vray 5 was released yesterday. Any news on compatibility with vray 5?

You can now download Skatter v1.4.17 which is compatible with V-Ray 5: https://getskatter.com/download/


Thanks, Thomas, the “Render only” doesn’t work with Vray 5, is this correct?

It should be working.

  1. Are you using the latest version of V-Ray 5 released yesterday, or are you still using a beta version?
  2. Are you on Windows or MacOS?
  3. What SketchUp version are you using?

Same here. SU 20.2.172, 64 bit / Vray 5!
Only full proxy works.

To me, with render only enabled, proxies are rendered white, no textures. Vray 5, no beta, and latest skatter v1.4.17. Windows 10, sketchup 2020.

What exactly do you mean by “full proxy”?

Could you send me the files (skp and vrmesh files) to [email protected]?

Sorry, I mean full poly.

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I’m sorry this is still not very clear to me.

Are you referring to:

  1. Loading the library presets as “Full Geometry”?
  2. Or disabling “Render Only” when generating?

Ok so thanks to @Filip, we have found an issue in V-Ray 5 that impacts the Skatter implementation.

When you try to us a V-Ray proxy as a Scattered Object, V-Ray will only render the placeholder geometry, it will not replace it with linked .vrmesh or .vrscene.
The workaround is to wrap the proxy in another component, and use that wrapper component as Scattered Object in Skatter. Then V-Ray will correctly replace the nested proxies.

I am in contact with Chaos Group to try to resolve this issue.

Hi Thomas,

When I load the Daisy 01 as “full geometry” it renders well in Vray, when I use Proxies and render only, the daisys don not show in the render, it’s blank. Of course the render time is huge, when render in full geometry.

Hope it’s clear?

I’ll add this is happening to me as well. Skattered proxies rendering as white boxes. I’m using Skatter v1.4.17, Vray-5, Sketchup 2020, Mac OS Catalina. A fix would be great!