White Screen Not Fixed on build 1.1.2

Im trying to evaluate the latest build of transmutr on a MacBook Pro running Parallels and Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. However when I launch Transmutr all I am getting is a blank screen. I have disabled the firewall in case that was blocking something but no luck. I have also ran the software as Admin…no luck either. Really want to get this working as the OSx version has been a while in production and this looked like a good (if not inexpensive) workaround.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Neil,

We already have an entry in our issue tracker for this, but I don’t think we will investigate further. We are about to start beta testing on the Mac version in a few days. We prefer to spend time making the native Mac version run smoothly instead of fixing the Windows version on Parallels.

Hi Thomas, thanks for the reply.
Sorry to repeat a known issue.
Would be more than happy to help beta test the Mac version when available. That would be an excellent early Christmas present to have it available!
Thanks again

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I’m seeing white screen on Mac beta - OSX v.10.14.5. Any tips? Thanks.

*Edit - This is what SketchUp is showing as well:

Do you see the same when launching Transmutr as a standalone, outside of SketchUp?

Please try Beta 2: [BETA] 1.2.0-beta.2

If you still have a blank window, please try to give System Permissions to Transmutr, and tell us if it fixes the blank window. Click here to learn how to give System Permissions to a MacOS app.