'Render Only' sporadically failing to produce anything

SketchUp version : Sketchup Pro 2021
Skatter version (Skatter dialog > Options > About) : Skatter 2.0.0
OS : Windows 10 64 bit
Description of the issue : Render only stops working seemingly at random. In some instances it doesn’t work from the offset, in others it stops out working out of the blue. This is with VRAY 5 5.10.06. When this occurs I can switch it to ‘In model’ and it will work, but this isn’t great in terms of being taxing for my PC. It happens with Skatter’s own library of objects (grass) and with other objects (Cosmos proxies etc). It occurs automatically when duplicating a composition and seemingly at random to other compositions.
Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? (If yes, how?) : No it’s unpredictable apart from duplicates not working as a rule
Error in Ruby Console? (Window > Ruby Console) : No errors in Ruby Console

Thanks for any help,

Hi @Mbladon
Thanks for the bug report, I added it to our internal tracker.

We’ll investigate this, starting from the fact that duplicates seem to have issues. Hopefully we’ll get this sorted soon.

We just released version 2.0.2 that fixes a few issues with V-Ray and Render Only compositions.
Please let us know if you still encounter issues.

Thanks much appreciated. The update has fixed that particular problem with render only, but I’ve found that if I create a render only composition I can no longer edit it at all even to turn it off render only

@Mbladon could you send us a file that shows this bug? ([email protected])
We had several users reporting that issue but it’s very difficult to understand what’s going on without the files :slight_smile:

Thanks for your swift reply, much appreciated! I’ve just emailed you over the file in question, let me know if there are any problems and I’ll resend

FIle received, thanks! We’re looking into it.

​We just released version 2.0.3 that fixes a few bugs with renderers : [Release] Skatter 2.0.3
Could you check if it solves your issue?

Hi, that update seems to have done the job, I’ll let you know should it reoccur. Thanks!

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Ok so I’m still having issues with render only, objects (cosmos assets) are failing to appear in the render. I had a composition with 4 objects where they all appeared, but upon duplicating it 2 of the objects now no longer show up in renders. I tried to create a fresh new composition but the problem persists. Oddly all 4 objects still appear in the original composition. I will email on the offending file

@Mbladon Thanks for the details. We’ll do some experiments and report back.

The Render Only implementation for V-Ray has definitely been more challenging than expected, thanks for your patience. We’re actively working on this.

I have the same problem on SU21 with Skatter 2.03 ((( To many bugs

@Abu can you send us a file with this issue? Are you using assets from Chaos Cosmos? (it might be related)

Hi?! I made it in even ampty new file, using just 2D default figure as scattered object. Enscape have this bug more often than Vray.
Hope Your amasing plugin will be OK soon,

@Abu Can you describe steps to reproduce the issue?

For instance, I do:

  • Create a fresh SketchUp model
  • Start Enscape
  • Create a plane, convert to group
  • Create a cube, convert to group
  • Create a Skatter composition, pick the plane as host, pick the cube as object
  • Switch to render only
  • Click generate

The render looks ok with those steps.
What are yours?